10 Healthy Things You Can Do For Your Dad on Father’s Day

by Echo Store on June 10, 2021

Men’s health rarely takes the spotlight, despite the general trend towards healthier choices. Dads often do not like to be perceived as too vain or too health-conscious. But Father’s Day is an excuse for you to put your dad and his health first.

Here are 10 healthy things you can do to celebrate a long, healthy life with your father and help him make sustainable choices. These are great Father’s Day gift ideas, too!


  1. Cook his favorite meal with plant-based meat alternatives

    Make your Father’s Day meal healthier by using plant-based meat alternatives like
    Wonder Burger and Wonder Grounds. They pack delicious flavors but are more sustainable and healthier for both consumers and the environment. Plus, they’re soy-free, gluten-free, contain no preservatives and MSG, and locally made!

  2. Brew coffee using ethically sourced beans

    Good coffee is worth waking up for, especially one that’s homegrown, sustainable, and ethically sourced. Coffee choices like Chit’s Blend, Women in Coffee, and Ark of Taste all support Filipino farmers.
  3. Change his sugar to healthier sugar

    Sugar is associated with many diseases. Fortunately, alternatives like coconut sugar provide the same sweetness but with a low glycemic index.
  4. Plan a family workout

    Bask in endorphins by exercising with dad! We know you’d rather lounge on the couch, but even just 30 minutes of at-home workouts will improve your mood. It’s a great bonding activity, too!
  5. Buy him an oil pulling kit
    Oil pulling is great for detoxing the mouth and improving oral health. Give your dad the gift of a dazzling smile by buying him virgin coconut oil. MCT Oil is a great choice as it’s made from 100% virgin coconut oil and is packed with good cholesterol and lauric acid. And unlike other VCOs, MCT Oil is odorless and tasteless.
  6. Get him to switch to healthier butter

    Substitute dad’s butter with coconut spread. It has the same buttery goodness plus the wonderful benefits of coconut oil – monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that are good for the heart and immunity-boosting lauric acid.

  7. Pamper him with a spa day
    Men deserve to be pampered, too! Bust out the massage oil or this blend of aromatherapy oils and give your dad a relaxing massage. Play some soothing music for extra calming vibes.
  8. Get him a good soap and shampoo

    Some soap and shampoo tend to strip our skin and hair of natural moisture. Get your dad to switch to nourishing soaps like the Sports Bar and VCO Charcoal soap. For gentle hair and scalp cleansing, buy him an all-natural shampoo like the Honey & Propolis shampoo or the Lavender Mint shampoo bar.

  9. Buy essentials he can keep in his bag
    Whether he’s heading to the office or running an errand, there are essentials your dad must have in his bag. Items like hand sanitizer, throat spray, mosquito repellant, and a soothing vaporizing rub don’t take up much space but come in handy.
  10. Video chat with relatives and friends

    Although restrictions are easing up, the pandemic will still affect most of our celebrations. But it doesn’t mean we can’t spend time with our relatives and friends like we used to. Sit down with your dad and the whole family and call your grandparents, uncles, cousins, and even your dad’s friends. A virtual celebration is still a celebration.

    This coming Father’s Day, choose to give your dad the gift of good health. Happy Father’s Day!