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Benguet Peaberry Benguet Peaberry

Women In Coffee 120g

Start your day with a burst of caffeine from the cool mountains of Benguet with this blend of coffee beans that will surely give you the energy you need! This all-natural product was made possible through partnering with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, which helps female coffee farmers train and...

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120g Liberica 120g Liberica

Ark of Taste Coffee

Get that satisfying taste of coffee that will soothe all moods and delight your taste buds. This Benguet Arabica blend is the first variety from Cordillera to be recognized by Ark of Taste. Ark of Taste is a listing of the world's food that is facing extinction. Farmers aren't planting...

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Chit's Coffee Chit's Coffee

Chit's Coffee

Nothing beats true to the heart coffee that's been blended to the finest and purest grounds. The best blend of coffee to have handpicked from trusted farmers and delicately sorted before roasting, enjoy the pride and joy of homegrown Philippine coffee with a cause to support farmers in saving heirloom...

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Robusta Robusta

Peace & Coffee 120g

Begin your morning routine with inspiring stories from these fresh coffee beans from Mindanao! Peace & Coffee packs were produced through communities in Mindanao, whose residents were taught to invest in livelihood instead of arms. This caffeine-filled treat will give you an energy boost and a story to keep inspiring...

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Blend Blend

Philippine Civet Coffee 100g

Philippine Civet Blend Coffee is a mix of wild-harvested Civet and high-grown Arabica beans. With these exquisite and refined extracts, each cup comes with more than its fair share of health benefits for a happy and healthy morning. It protects your teeth, controls blood sugar levels, keeps your mind and...

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Benguet Arabica Benguet Arabica

Drip Coffee Bag 10g

Brew your favorite cup of coffee wherever you go. Perfect for when you travel, go on camping trips, coffee breaks in the office, and even at home. Nothing beats true to the heart coffee that's been blended to the finest and purest grounds. The best blend of coffee to have...


 with Malunggay Power Herbs  with Malunggay Power Herbs

Roasted Rice Coffee 200g

Rice coffee doesn’t cause acid reflux that is why it is pleasant to the stomach, is gluten-free and has a very low-calorie hit!   INGREDIENTS Black rice, muscovado sugar   HEALTH BENEFITS Strong antioxidant, detoxifies system, improves blood circulation, low calorie, provides phytic acid which prevents colon cancer, cleanses blood...


ASEAN Coffee Blend 120g ASEAN Coffee Blend 120g

ASEAN Coffee Blend 120g

Experience a cultural coffee blend with flavors from Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Philippines. Support products that symbolize the union of the ASEAN countries not just for economic reasons but to create products together that will benefit and showcase the distinct flavors of every country. NUTRIENTS Caffeine, antioxidants, manganese,...


Kahawa Kubing 250g - Solo Kahawa Kubing 250g - Solo

Kahawa Kubing 250g - Solo

Start your day right with a brand new taste with these exquisite coffee beans from the rich wilds of Mindanao’s lush mountains of Bud Sinumaan, Bagsag, and Dahu. These halal processed coffee beans have been harvested from the ripe wilds and were grown naturally from the roots, bringing a fresh...


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