Organizations and community groups are key to ECHOstore’s growth and reach. From the start, our ECHOsi Foundation ( has worked with partners who have projects on capacity building, institution building and of course, livelihood. But these groups need the collaboration with entrepreneurs who will take the product to market. This is where ECHOstore steps in. Through the retail and cultural experience of the founders, community groups are assisted through organizations and NGOs, bridging the gap between creation and distribution.


Partners like Peace and Equity Foundation, Palawan NGO Network, Canjulao League of Women, the New Zealand Embassy, and PBSP have at one time or another worked with ECHOstore in developing their beneficiaries’ products. Some continue bringing products to the pipeline while some are one-time projects who still find markets in ECHOstore’s customers.


The provincial branches help a lot in securing products from nearby sources then introducing these to the rest of the ECHOstore locations through a unique distribution system.