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Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

Keep a healthy lifestyle and try out this all-natural goodness from the finest organic coconuts in the Philippines! Naturally gifted with vitamins and minerals, this bottle of 100% virgin coconut oil aims to boost your energy, improve your immunity, and aid weight loss. Treat your body to a burst of...


500ml 500ml


100% CocoMCT, the healthiest portion of coconut oil! Enhances mental function, boosts immune system, stimulates faster metabolism, and has Lauric Acid that is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. INGREDIENTS 100% MCT from coconut oil NUTRIENTS Fiber, Vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6; Iron, Selenium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus HEALTH BENEFITS source...

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Adlai 1kg - Bukidnon Adlai 1kg - Bukidnon

Adlai 1kg - Bukidnon

Adlai, also known as Job’s Tears, is an ancient grain indigenous to Southeast Asia. These precious grains, which belong to the same family as rice, wheat, and corn, have long been used as a source of food and folk medicine. Today, Adlai is being reintroduced as an alternative to rice;...


Sold Out Sea Salt 250g - Negros Sea Salt 250g - Negros

Sea Salt 250g - Negros

Sea salt is obtained by evaporating seawater. This means it contains all the much-needed minerals and nutrients present in natural seawater that are removed when table salt is being refined. More flavorful and coarse than your everyday fine salt, it's a great alternative for both cooking and spicing up your...


Sugar Beets Sugar Beets

G Seaweed Noodles 220g

This colorful set of noodles is made from seaweed puree and sweet potatoes, combined with other vegetables that enhance their nutritive value. Their natural flavors and colors retain the nutrients which make them better and healthier than the usual noodles.   INGREDIENTS whole wheat flour, camote flour, seaweed puree, salt...


Pea Protein Powder 250g Pea Protein Powder 250g

Pea Protein Powder 250g

A vegan alternative to whey protein for muscle development. No sugar and other unnecessary ingredients. Completely plant-based protein to help develop and strengthen muscles. No unwanted side-effects of dairy-based products. Its pure! Gram per gram, you get more protein in every scoop compared to most whey protein powders which contain...


Tamarind Blend Tsaá 120g Tamarind Blend Tsaá 120g

Tamarind Blend Tsaá 120g

Sweet, tangy and icy cold, Luntilikhang Tsaá Tamarind Blend is the perfect refreshment in this hot weather! Contents: 12g each of 10 single serve sachets INGREDIENTS tamarind powder, coco sugar, black tea powder, green tea powder, pine bark extract, noni fruit powder, and stevia


Tawa-Tawa Concentrate 30ml Tawa-Tawa Concentrate 30ml

Tawa-Tawa Concentrate 30ml

A trustworthy alcohol and sugar-free formulation that is made from carefully selected tawa-tawa plants and lagundi leaves. Delight in this special concentrate blend that will increase platelet count in patients with dengue and it is a good antipyretic for all kinds of fever. 


Sold Out Hot & Spicy Hot & Spicy

Crab Paste 300g

Elevate any pasta dish and bring your cooking up a notch with this delicious and flavorful crab paste. A One Town One Product made from sumptuous crab meat and cooked with vegetable oil, garlic, lemon juice, and lemongrass, it's sure to make meal times more fun, savory and extravagant. May contains...


Tomato Jelly Tomato Jelly

Tomato Jelly

Surprise your loved ones with a helping of this deliciously-made tomato jelly, made from the finest ingredients from Quezon, Nueva Ecija! This jar of delicious tomato jam is made from tomato, kalamansi, citric, acid, and brown sugar, craftily made by the wives of farmers in Nueva Ecija under its local...


Sold Out Sweetened Sweetened

Banana Chips 100g

Enjoy a classic snack made from delicious bananas homegrown under the tropical Philippine sun. This all natural snack is free from all preservatves and made with organic sugar and honey, baked to a crisp with coconut oil to bring out the rich flavor of the bananas. NUTRIENTS Potassium, Vitamin B6...


Sold Out MCT Oil 250ml MCT Oil 250ml

MCT Oil 250ml

Need energy boost for the day? Try out this healthy all-natural offer from Tayabas, Quezon! This MCT Oil, made from 100% organic virgin coconut oil, is packed with good cholesterol and lauric acid that gives a quick power up for your body and brain! This natural product is a better...


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