7 Environmentally Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2022

by Echo Store on April 19, 2022

Earth is the only planet in the solar system where life is possible. Positioned at the right distance to receive ample amounts of sunlight, its atmosphere shields us from harmful UV rays of the sun. It’s the perfect home where we can grow food for our table.

But as life gets more complex, we cause irreversible damage to our home planet. We poison its bodies of water and the air we breathe. We cause its temperature to rise.


History of Earth Day

The ravages of the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969 led to the first-ever commemoration of Earth Day on April 22, 1970.

In 1990, Earth Day became a global event and was celebrated in 141 countries. It is now observed in 193 countries around the world. Earth Day is now recognized as the largest secular observance in the world. Every year on April 22, about a billion people celebrate Earth Day.  

This year’s theme is “Invest in our Planet” — a call for businesses, governments, citizens, and everyone accountable to choose a prosperous and sustainable future.


Environmentally conscious ways to celebrate Earth Day 2022

Our consciousness must be paired with our actions. The good news is, you don’t need superpowers to save our home planet. No matter how small you think it is, your contributions will help a lot to save Mother Earth. Here are some ways you can invest in our planet and celebrate Earth Day 2022


1. Use eco-friendly bags for your grocery runs

Don’t add up to the 2.7 million tons of plastic waste the Philippines produces every year. 20% of these reach the ocean. By refusing plastic bags and using reusable bags instead, you can help conserve marine life. 

2. Use household products with biodegradable packaging

Buy in bulk! Big quantities are usually in cans or jars, unlike the smaller ones in plastic sachets. On top of the savings you’ll enjoy if you buy in large quantities, you can also help reduce plastic waste in landfills.

Do your research and look for local producers who limit their plastic packaging. At ECHOstore branches, for instance, we opt to use recycled magazine pages as packaging or shopping bags for customers. There are many other producers and suppliers who use recycled paper packaging instead of plastic — a greener choice for both businesses and consumers.

3. Use reusable cloth towels

Paper kitchen towels are hygienic; however, trees are cut to make sheets of paper towels. The good news is, there are washable bamboo cloth towels that can be used several times.

4. Use environment-friendly soap when washing your clothes

Coconut-based laundry powder is better than regular household detergents. It does the job without releasing phosphate and nitrogen into the environment.


Phosphate-containing laundry or dish detergents can react adversely when they finally reach the water table. The nitrogen in these detergents reacts with phosphorus in the water, creating nutrients that stimulate the growth of algae in freshwater. Choosing a laundry detergent sans the harmful chemicals is the way to go!

5. Use a reusable face mask

As we still need to continue to protect ourselves against Covid-19, we still need to use masks. But if you are not going to deal with patients infected with Covid-19, using a three-layered reusable face mask is enough.

6. Buy local products

Purchasing local products help local businesses to thrive. But it also helps reduce our carbon footprint. A local product doesn’t need to be transported far and requires less packaging. When you love local, you support your fellowmen and invest in the environment!

7. Involve others

Our small steps to save the environment will make a huge dent when combined. Invite your friends and loved ones to Earth Day activities and encourage them to make greener choices so that they, too, can invest in our planet.


The task of saving the environment does not end on April 22. Being environmentally friendly should be a daily habit or even a lifelong mission. Happy Earth Day!