ECHOstore Continues Sustainability Initiatives

by Echo Store on October 05, 2017

ECHOstore, the country’s pioneer green retailer, is also the country’s primary advocate for Slow Food movement and sustainable seafood. These two movements complete ECHOstore’s thrust in responsible production and consumption of food.

The United Nation’s sustainable goals are concerned with responsible food production and consumption given the rise of climate change issues affecting food supply.

ECHOstore brings these concerns to the fore by encouraging its customers to enjoy eating sustainably from local sources. “It’s not rocket science,” says Chit Juan, ECHOstore founder and ECHOsi foundation chair. “Just eat what you enjoy but make sure it comes from local and natural sources,” she continues .

Sarah Claudio, ECHOstore Davao licensee, could not agree more. “We have had to expand our cafe because more people want to buy organic and natural produce,” she says. “They also enjoy grass-fed beef, organic greens, and even pizza at the ECHOcafe,” she continues .

This year ECHOstore will be opening new branches in Cagayan de Oro City and Baguio City. Meanwhile, its Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao branches ensure that consumers can enjoy good, clean, and fair food all over the country.