by Echo Store on April 24, 2021

We have heard of bird-friendly and rainforest coffee, but “gerd-friendly”? Well this is what a friend of mine shared with me upon trying our Peaberry Arabica coffee from Atok, Benguet. “I don’t get GERD with this one,” she says. GERD is Gastro Esophageal Reflux disease and is usually caused by taking acidic  or fatty food. So, at the zoom meeting we were at, the other attendees started to get details of where to order and soon my viber chat was abuzz with orders for delivery  of Peaberry coffee.

Back in 2012, Manny Torrejon and I went to  Baguio to attend to our donation of coffee nursery for a women’s coffee association in Beckel, La Trinidad, Benguet. We taught the women to sort the peaberries- whole round coffee beans—and we would pay them P50/kilo extra for doing so.

The women went to work and soon after we got our regular supply of peaberries or what some of them call “pea beans”. 

During our subsequent trainings around the country, Peaberry sorting is one activity that women do besides sorting and removing black beans, broken beans and other foreign matter from a batch of coffee. 

Maybe it’s the pureness of the Arabica that lends its balanced flavor and non-acidic notes, making it a pleasure to drink, even by those who are usually bothered by GERD.

Due to this increased demand, we now have Peaberry on our shelves as a solo product. We also combine it with some Fine Robusta in Chit’s Coffee (a topseller).

So next time you feel like having coffee but afraid to get acidic or even get GERD, try this special coffee may just work for you, too.

Our coffees come in different varieties:

ROBUSTA- the robust, strong coffee is now in Lola Mameng’s Blend grown in one estate and of single origin (Tagaytay)

STRAIGHT ARABICA- Women in Coffee  from Benguet.

LIBERICA- this is the favorite big bean variety called Barako. Liberica is also one of the endangered species so our packaging talks about Slow Food and the Ark of Taste, where it is listed as endangered.

PEABERRY- our select pick from this year’s harvest of Arabica

CHIT’S COFFEE- my personal favorite that’s perfect for espresso and your daily breakfast brew.

So, don’t be confused with the varieties available—take a 120 g pack and try it, then go for the bigger bag (250g) when you have found your favorite. The Peaberry , though, only comes in 250g because we know you will like it already.

For any questions on coffee, feel free to write us or message us on FB or IG.


- Pacita Juan