Greening Your Holiday Season with ECHOstore Gift Sets and Bundles

by Echo Store on November 06, 2021

It is now colder in the morning, the countdown has begun, and Christmas carols are now playing everywhere. Yes, it is Christmas again! If you are looking for gift items that your family, friends, loved ones, and colleagues will love and won’t hurt the environment, here are some ideas for you. Plus tips on how to choose the right gifts!

Holiday gifts for the health-conscious

Health Kit

ECHOstore’s Health Kit includes Lavender Mint Bath Soap for a relaxing bath; Lavender Mint Room Spray that’s great for relieving fatigue; Citronella Spray to shoo away mosquitoes and prevent diseases carried by mosquitoes; and Hand Sanitizer with Olive Oil that provides protection from germs while rehydrating skin. 

Naturals Kit

Give the power of natural healing with the Naturals Kit — a bundle of three science-backed natural products that promote healing and good health.

This set includes a bottle of Tawa Tawa Concentrate, a natural remedy for dengue fever; Turmeric and Ginger Tea, which contain anti-inflammatory substances; and Honest Herbs Lagundi. The DOST has found “promising results” on the effects of lagundi in decreasing symptoms of mild COVID-19 patients.

Hand Sanitizer Gift Set

This gift set is perfect for people on the go. The set comes with two bottles of Antibac Hand Sanitizer Spray that one can conveniently bring anywhere whether in a handbag or the canvas pouch provided. A timely gift during this pandemic.


Aptly named, the Essentials gift set has the basics for self-care. Aside from Hand Sanitizer Spray and Citronella Insect Repellent, the set has Spa in a Bottle that provides relief from nausea, dizziness and helps you de-stress by rubbing a squirt onto temples or wrists. The set also includes Derm-K Balm, a remedy for itchiness, insect bites, boils, skin asthma allergy, and rashes.

Holiday gifts for eco-friendly homemakers

Clean Home 

Clean Home will be loved by homemakers who want to keep their household safe without hurting the environment. It comes with Home Basics Natural Laundry Granules, an SLS-free cleaner that does its job without the suds. SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate can irritate the eyes, skin, mouth, and lungs.

The set also includes an all-natural and non-toxic Fruit and Veggie Wash that makes fruits and vegetables ready to eat in just one rinse; an eco-friendly Dish Cleaner for clean plates and utensils; and a Lavender Mint Room Spray for a clean and relaxing home.

Holiday gifts that pamper 

Travel Spa

Yes, you can take the spa with you anywhere with this set! Take a well-deserved pause, open Spa in a Can, put a small amount on the palm, rub both hands, and inhale the relaxing scents of peppermint, orange, musk, and lavender. 

The Travel Spa set also comes with Honey Beeswax Lotion, which is a great moisturizer.

Spa in a Bottle Duo

Powerful natural aromatherapy oils are blended to create Spa in a Bottle, which provides a quick breather in the middle of a hectic workday and relieves congestion, stress, nausea, or dizziness.

This ECHOstore bestseller is now in a duo 50ml bottles (one regular and one Intense) placed in an eco-friendly canvas pouch. Alternatively, one can indulge in a quick spa experience and stay clean and safe with the Basics set, which includes Spa in a Bottle and Antibac Hand Sanitizer.

Holiday gifts for designated chefs and pantry keepers

Home Chef’s Kit

No Filipino celebration is complete without food. Home Chef’s Kit is a great gift for your loved ones who are like cooking healthy stuff.

It features Adlai, a healthy rice substitute; Coconut Flour, a gluten-free alternative to other flours; and Coconut Liquid Aminos, a gluten-free substitute to soy sauce. Other products included are Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil, Chili Flakes, and Black Peppercorns.

Emergency Kit

Give the gift of preparedness with the Emergency Kit. This set includes Choco Loco Cocoa Powder, Cacao Nibs, and Lowland Black Rice — perfect for preparing champorado! This kit also comes with a pack of Chit’s Blend whole coffee beans and a Coffee Press, so one can still enjoy homegrown coffee even without a coffeemaker. Also included is a bottle of virgin coconut oil, a powerful immune and energy booster.

Survival Kit 

The Survival Kit contains pantry staples like the ready-to-eat Tuyo in Oil, nutritious Raw Wild Honey, VCO, Chit’s Blend Coffee, Choco Loco Tablea, and Lowland Brown Rice.

Holiday gifts for coffee lovers and teaholics

Coffee Trial Set 

Raring to have your coffee-lover friend try different Philippine coffee varieties? Give him or her the Coffee Trial Set, which includes 5 kinds of coffees. You can choose from Benguet Arabica blends, Liberica, Robusta, or Peaberries!

Honest Herbs 

Honest Herbs are ECHOstore’s herbal teas made from select herbs oozing with health benefits.

You can choose between 4 Teas or the 4 Teas - Duo, special tea blends that pair up Mother Nature's best ingredients to make stronger, healthier, and even better-tasting teas. 

How to choose green holiday gifts

Christmas is one of the most important dates in every Filipino’s calendar and gift-giving is a tradition closely associated with it. It’s an expression of love and appreciation for people around us. But this holiday season is also a great time for us to show our appreciation for the environment.

These are ways you can practice green and sustainable living when choosing gifts.

  1. Choose green gifts. These are products with less packaging. Even better, you can choose gifts that come in reusable or biodegradable packaging.
  2. Choose functional over personalized gifts. While personalized gifts are always appreciated, it’s more practical to give gifts that are useful and essential in our daily lives. These include pantry staples or cleaning suppliers.
  3. Choose local. By buying locally-made products, you support local producers and reduce your carbon footprint.
  4. Choose sustainably-sourced gifts. Know your source and find out if they follow holistic processes that are good for the environment.

Amid the hectic season, ECHOstore can help you give green gifts. For bulk orders, we can deliver door-to-door to up to 30 different addresses. We can also assemble a hamper or gift set according to your preferred products and budget considerations. Shop on our website,, or call 0977 718 5095 to order.