Lagundi: Not just your cough medicine

by Echo Store on April 08, 2022

Lagundi is known to be a cure for cough. Its leaves are boiled and taken as tea and lagundi syrup and tablets are sold as over-the-counter medicines. But lagundi’s medicinal value is not limited only to softening phlegm.


Image credit: Vinayaraj, CC BY-SA 3.0

What is lagundi?

Lagundi (Vitex negundo) is called the five-leaf chaste tree because of its usually five-foliate leaves. This shrub can grow up to five meters high. It blooms year-round, displaying numerous blue to lavender flowers. While it is widely distributed in the Philippines, it is also found in tropical East Africa, Madagascar, India, Japan, and southward through Malaysia and Polynesia.

Can lagundi treat Covid-19?

Lagundi is now used as a supplement treatment against COVID-19 because of its multi-targeted characteristics. It can help relieve patients with respiratory tract symptoms. An ongoing study also found out that patients given with lagundi regained their sense of smell faster. The researchers are verifying if lagundi has reduced the viral load in the participants' blood.

Another study suggested that mild COVID-19 patients may take specific dosages of the lagundi tablet or syrup three times a day for ten days to improve their symptoms.

Health benefits of lagundi

Lagundi is not only a cure for respiratory ailments and fever but also provides other health benefits.

  • A healthier digestive system. Decoction of leaves may be used to treat flatulence. Powdered flowers and stalks are also used to treat stomach bleeding while tincture of root bark is used for irritable bladder.
  • Increases menstrual flow. Decoction of leaves is used as an emmenagogue.
  • Seeds are boiled in water and eaten to prevent the spread of toxins from bites of poisonous animals.
  • After-birth pain relief. Decoction of leaves is used as a warm bath for women suffering from after-pains in the puerperal period. Also used as baths for newborn children. The same decoction can help induce lactation.
  • Cures headaches. Pounded leaves can be applied to the forehead and temples to relieve headaches.
  • Leaves are also used to reduce inflammatory and rheumatic swellings of the joints and testicular swelling associated with gonorrheal epididymitis and orchitis.
  • Lagundi tea may be taken to relieve anxiety and promote relaxation.
  • Lagundi essential oil has antibacterial properties.

How to use lagundi

Lagundi leaves can be made into a paste by pounding and heating to warm. This can be applied on the forehead and temples to relieve headaches and joints to reduce swelling.

To prepare lagundi decoction or tea, mix one cup of freshly cut leaves and flowers with two cups of water. Boil for 10 minutes.  
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