by Echo Store on April 15, 2021

My brother was always an open-minded albeit strict disciplinarian as we were growing up. In grade school, because of our many years difference as siblings, my classmates thought he was my father. “Pacita, your Dad is there to fetch you” they would say. He must have been 26 and I was 12, so he could not really be my father at that age, but he looked strict with black-rimmed glasses reserved for professors (like today’s black top rimmed Raybans).

He reads a lot because he does not party too much, and this is why he always is abreast of the latest news. Just today, he again mentioned VCO in our Viber group. He has been taking MCT VCO for over a year now or since COVID started. I see him sunning himself 15-30 minutes a day at  around 6 or 7 am, then he has exercise from 9-10 am and siesta from 2-3 pm. This was pretty much my Dad’s schedule many years ago when he was still around.

What does this tell us? It’s discipline coupled with a desire to learn new things by reading, and then making sure we have rest at midday for seniors and maybe a short shut eye after lunch for the younger set. Sometimes just closing your eyes makes a lot of difference—away from the computer screen, our eyes get to rest and sometimes, I even turn off the TV or Spotify, just to rest in silence. 

Further, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) has been claimed by experts as a general cleanse and vitamin routine. People like to call it oil pulling (swishing the oil in your mouth), some just gulp a shot with coffee, some people mix it with coffee and call it Bulletproof coffee.

I eat VCO—I just discovered a spread which I now use as butter. It’s called Sagana Coconut Spread and I swear by it. It tastes good with my cheese, or anything else I used to eat with butter. In fact, since Ash Wednesday I stopped using butter as my Lenten promise, but a week after Easter, I am still using Sagana. I have not missed butter all that much.

So what else  is VCO-full or how else can we partake of our daily VCO? You can use it in salads in lieu of the pricey Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), you can use it in baking and the best is really just taking a swig or a shot with your coffee. If you still do not drink coffee, then take it as is and chase it with your tea.

Now, we even found organic VCO, certified by Naturland,a German certifier and farmers organization. It’s made by Peter Paul. We continue to find other brands like Coconut King and Laurin, the top seller for being odorless and another MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceride.

Back to my brother, he is one of the most disciplined people when it comes to diet and health concerns. And maybe that is why he looks forward to each day that he feels good.

Kuya’s tips:

  1. Take in some sun everyday (morning sun).
  2. Take your VCO.
  3. Read the newspapers (yes, though he has an ipad, he gets ‘hard copy’ newspaper) and clips relevant news for all of us.
  4. Make a list of things to do. (he likes to cross them as he finishes the task)
  5. Exercise for 30 minutes at least everyday.
  6. Take siesta after lunch or get a rest from laptops and gadgets.
  7. Sleep early. (he’s lights out at 830pm).
  8. Pray with family.

His habits may not be for everyone but a good reminder for seniors who think they are invincible. It is also a good habit to make projects, make lists and look forward to something everyday.

 - Pacita Juan