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Banana Chips 100g

Enjoy a classic snack made from delicious bananas homegrown under the tropical Philippine sun. This all natural snack is free from all preservatves and made with organic sugar and honey, baked to a crisp with coconut oil to bring out the rich flavor of the bananas. NUTRIENTS Potassium, Vitamin B6...


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Bangus in Oil 220g

Relish the delicious taste that is 100% homemade regimented with a strict quality control process to ensure the savory taste. Straight from Anda, Pangasinan enjoy meal times with this delectable milkfish preserved in oil with pickles, carrots, pepper, and salt to enhance the taste and enrich the flavors. INGREDIENTS milkfish,...


Basics Basics


Tampipi Box - SmallAntibac Hand Sanitizer 50mlSpa in a Bottle 50ml


Sold Out Basimatsi Sampler Basimatsi Sampler

Basimatsi Sampler

Try this supreme collection of spiced vinegars from different parts of the Philippines! This Basimatsi sampler gives you the full-on taste of different vinegars in one collection. Each little bottle is filled with solutions imbued with fruits, herbs, and spices, aged and naturally fermented in earthen jars until full maturity....

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Lavender Mint Lavender Mint

Bath Soap 100g

Be refreshed and reinvigorated with this mint-infused soap that will give you a pleasant cleansing experience. Pamper your skin with this moisturizing bar soap that will leave your body soft and supple to the touch and feel. Designed with the vitamin enriched properties of coconut oil that will soften and...


Batuan Powder 125g Batuan Powder 125g

Batuan Powder 125g

A surprising twist of sour from the fruit called Batwan that was made into a powdered form. 100% batwan without any additives or extenders. INGREDIENTS 100% dehydrated batwan fruit NUTRIENTS Antioxidants, Vitamin C HEALTH BENEFITS fights free radicals from the body, boosts immune system

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Bebebalm Bebebalm

Bebebalm and Bebebug Stick 4.5g

Specially crafted to care for and repair dry and damaged skin, this Bebebalm Stick is made from organic virgin coconut oil and infused with lauric acid, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin as well as protecting it from outside irritants. With its unique blend of skin nutrients and antioxidants, it's the...

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Bignay Herbal Tea with Turmeric 80g Bignay Herbal Tea with Turmeric 80g

Bignay Herbal Tea with Turmeric 80g

Helps protect the kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen, gall bladder, ovaries tyroid, and heart. For those who have: Hypertension, diabetes, heart and prostate problems, myoma, dysmenorrhea, hyper acidity, colonic and erectile dysfunction, stroke, insomia, and hang over, limit your intake of the following: Foods with MSG, processed, instant, canned, burnt, fried...


Bioneem Insect Repellant 3-in-1 Liquid Concentrate Bioneem Insect Repellant 3-in-1 Liquid Concentrate

Bioneem Insect Repellant 3-in-1 Liquid Concentrate

Why spend on three different ointments or lotions when you can have one that disinfects, deodorizes, and protects your skin all at once? The Bioneem Insect Repellant 3-in-1 Liquid Concentrate is an all-natural insect repellant made from Neem tree extract and various other plant extracts, so it helps decompose and...

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Dark Cacao Dark Cacao

Biscotso 150g

Satisfy your snack cravings with these delectable hand-made and all natural cookies! The Make Peace Bakery creates baking communities in rural and urban places in the Philippines, tapping the out of school and underprivileged youth to learn baking and product development. INGREDIENTS Dark Cacao Biscotso: flour, eggs, dark cacao, vanilla essence,...


Body Lotion 110ml Body Lotion 110ml

Body Lotion 110ml

ECHO Botanicals come from a desire to use Nature’s gifts to promote well-being as well as peace of mind and body. Indulge in our special blend of natural scents to bring you a relaxing, refreshing, and invigorating experience.   A moisturizing body lotion that leaves skin soft and lightly scented....


Body Mist 50ml In Olive Body Mist 50ml In Olive

Body Mist - Olive

Discover an easy way to revive and regenerate dry skin with a spray of this natural essential oil infused body mist. Specially formulated with the natural aroma and organic compounds that will help absorb moisture into the skin and prevent dryness or cracky skin. INGREDIENTS Contains ethyl alcohol, oil extract,...



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