Choose from the many wellness aids we have gathered for you. General health and safety is our main concern and these products are popular for their contribution to a state of wellness.


Tea Duo


Fresh Bee Pollen


Propolis Throat Spray


Larry's Honey 320ml


Culinary Virgin Coconut Oil 150ml


Virgin Coconut Oil 150ml


Coconut Cider Vinegar 150ml


Coconut Liquid Aminos 150ml


Coconut Flour


Honest Herbs Tea 14s


Chili Flakes 30g


Larry's Dark Honey 8oz


Supercoco Vegan Coconut Cream Powder 25g


Sunakku Mushroom Cracklings 70g


Sunakku Seaweed Cracklings


Coco sugar 100g


Amazing Tea


Anvil Kopi- Malunggay Based Coffee


Anvil Tsoko - Malunggay Based Chocolate


Peter Paul's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml