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Double Weave Rectangular Box

Contribute to the llivelihood and sustainability of the people from Pandan, Antique by supporting these handcrafted double weave boxes.Made from fiber from the bariw tree, abaca, and buri palm. This versatile rectangular box is durable and is expertly crafted from indigenous materials.

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Large Large

Wooden Crate

Wooden crates that make the perfect packaging to keep any beloved trinket or items safe and organized. Small: L-7" X W-3.125" X H-8.5" Large: L-9.5"x H-11.5"x W-5.125" w/ Handle: L-12"x H-10"x W-4"

From ₱170.00

Green Tea Green Tea

Cooling Spray

Get an instant burst of freshness especially on hot days with this stimulating cooling spray. Revive your skin and refresh yourself with this spray mist, enriched with natural essentials oils to hydrate your dry skin and replenish moisture. INGREDIENTS Contains distilled water, natural essential oils, and menthol liquid. NUTRIENTS Antioxidants,...


Christmas Box Christmas Box

Christmas Box

Go the extra mile for the holidays with this festive Christmas box! It's the perfect size to give to a special person to make their christmas more cheerful. Durable and with a striking pattern that matches the colors of christmas.


Sold Out Lavender Mint Lavender Mint

Bath Soap 100g

Be refreshed and reinvigorated with this mint-infused soap that will give you a pleasant cleansing experience. Pamper your skin with this moisturizing bar soap that will leave your body soft and supple to the touch and feel. Designed with the vitamin enriched properties of coconut oil that will soften and...


Body Mist 50ml In Olive Body Mist 50ml In Olive

Body Mist - Olive

Discover an easy way to revive and regenerate dry skin with a spray of this natural essential oil infused body mist. Specially formulated with the natural aroma and organic compounds that will help absorb moisture into the skin and prevent dryness or cracky skin. INGREDIENTS Contains ethyl alcohol, oil extract,...


Sold Out Cacao: Bean to Bar Cacao: Bean to Bar

Cacao: Bean to Bar

This book is perfect for anyone interested in digging deeper into the story of the Philippine Cacao Industry. Written by Pacita U. Juan, Josephine V. Ramos, and Ma. Regina S. Francisco, Cacao: Bean to Bar is for every chocolate lover who wants to transform themselves from an entusiast to a...

₱345.00 ₱415.00

Pakiusap Memo Pads - Single Pakiusap Memo Pads - Single

Pakiusap Memo Pads - Single

Keep tab of your quick notes with this Pakiusap Memo Pads! This quirky notepads will help you organize your busy schedule while lightening up your daily dues at the office!

₱45.00 ₱49.00

Pasaway Weekly Planner Pasaway Weekly Planner

Pasaway Weekly Planner

Always be on track of your week with this Pasaway Weekly Planner! Lighten up your mood while braving through your daily office work with this planner.

₱205.00 ₱249.00

Sold Out 125ml 125ml

Hair Regrowth Treatment Shampoo

Keep your hair thick and healthy any time with the Hair Regrowth Treatment Shampoo! With coco liquor, cane sugar, cocoa butter, and soy lecithin, this all-natural shampoo helps address hairfall, prevent dandruff, and strengthen your hair from roots to tips, sans the harmful chemicals from regular shampoos. INGREDIENTS coco liquor,...

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Sold Out Stapless Stapler Stapless Stapler

Stapless Stapler

Say goodbye to painful cuts from staplers with this stapless stapler! It works by stiching up the other pages and folding the paper into itself, no need to buy metal staples anymore with this easy staple-free stapler.

₱150.00 ₱170.00

Sold Out Sweet Dreams Essential Oil 10ml Sweet Dreams Essential Oil 10ml

Sweet Dreams Essential Oil 10ml

Soothe your mind as you prepare for bed with Sweet Dreams Essential Oil. This blend of pure lavender and elemi oil can help you get ready for a peaceful slumber thanks to the unique calming benefits provided by these two extracts. Lavender, with its calming scent and properties, can get...


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