ECHOstore is proud to be working with small producers around the country. Some of these entrepreneurs have scaled up and now serve more mainstream markets. But the pipeline is ever-changing and more entrepreneurs are added as ECHOstore grows its network of branches, sourcing from producers also in Visayas and Mindanao.


The community is ever-growing to serve the needs of ECHOstore’s burgeoning market—young and mature alike. With the health consciousness of many, ECHOstore continues to look for new producers while it helps the women who grow the coffee, the producers who process the cacao and the small producers who make the Virgin Coconut Oil, to name a few examples.


Everyday we find new communities needing the access to specialty markets and everyday we find customers looking for a direct source of healthy and safe products. That’s the role of ECHOstore: to be the bridge between farms and tables, farms and forks, even farms and cups.