Tawa-Tawa Concentrate 30ml

Tawa-Tawa Concentrate 30ml


Natural remedy for fever, dengue, and all around health. It has been shown to increase platelets and bring down temperatures. A handy version of natural Tawa Tawa tea. This tincture packs a punch with every drop. Safe for kids, too. All-Natural from nature’s pharmacy.

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richard ticson
Tawa tawa concentrate

Malaking tulong sa anak kong mababa ang platelet mabilis ang kaniyang pagrecover Thanks be to GOD!

Anna Santos
Never without this in our home

It's hard to believe not many people know about this product. My son is autistic and as a toddler reacted badly to paracetamol drops which are artificially flavored and colored, two things that are big no-nos for not just people with autism, but really the entire human and animal population. Tawa tawa drops have been consumed by all family members with dengue as prescribed by our doctors, and we have been using it at home instead of paracetamol for years when fever strikes.

Most importantly, some people's reaction to Covid vaccines are decreased platelets. Before and after our vaccines, all my family and household took tawa tawa, and continue to do so during flu and Covid seasons as it is a natural antiviral.

Maricris Nonato
This helped my cats greatly

My cats are both FeLV+. Both of them has low platelets and this helps keep their platelets increasing. Inadvertently, the newly adopted stray also has asthma, so the Lagundi additive has greatly helped him.

Romel Olimpo

Tawa-Tawa Concentrate 30ml

this helped my toddler recover from covid fever

My toddler got covid and he got very high fever 39-42c. We then used this concentrate by mixing in my baby's milk every time he drinks. After 24hrs of taking tawataaa, his condition became better and he no longer have fever on the 3rd day of infection. I think tawatawa greatly helped him recover as the paracetamol couldnt lower down my toddler's temperature to normal.
Thank God Jah for giving us this wonderful plant tawa-tawa.