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Wooden Crate

Wooden crates that make the perfect packaging to keep any beloved trinket or items safe and organized. Small: L-7" X W-3.125" X H-8.5" Large: L-9.5"x H-11.5"x W-5.125" w/ Handle: L-12"x H-10"x W-4"

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Lily Lily

Hand & Body Moisturizing Cream 50g

It's time to say goodbye to dry skin - permanently! Our Hand and Body Moisturizer is the perfect mix of all-natural ingredients and gentle, soothing scents. Because dryness is such a pesky problem in warm climates, it definitely pays to have this bottle of non-sticky, non-irritating cream on-hand. It's easy...


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Laundry Granules In Lavender

Experience fresh, clean and sweet-smelling clothes like never before! Our specially formulated laundry granules are ultra-concentrated, biodegradable, and all-natural, so they're guaranteed to be safe and gentle on your clothes, yet powerful on dirt, stains and grime. The gentle lavender scent will also leave them smelling fresh all day, and...

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Ice Mocha Ice Mocha

echoPop Lip Balm 5g

There's no better way to love your lips than by keeping them healthy, and our echoPop Lip Balm does just that! With all-natural ingredients like beeswax, VCO, sunflower oil, phenoxyethanol and other essential oils, it keeps your lips soft, smooth, and moisturized in any kind of weather. The many flavors...


ECHOKids Head-to-toe Wash 50ml - Mango Mandarin ECHOKids Head-to-toe Wash 50ml - Mango Mandarin

ECHOKids Head-to-toe Wash 50ml - Mango Mandarin

Because your kids deserve only the best, our all-natural ECHOkids Head-to-Toe Wash is here to provide not just protection but healthy skin, too. Perfect for their growing bodies and active lifestyles, this formulation is specially designed to clean your kiddos from head to toe and protect their skin from infection...

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White White

Plastic Strap Box

Bring new life to gift giving with this hand-made strap box that comes with a story to last ages. Available in white and green, this handicraft was stitched together by micro-entrepreneur moms and dads from Boni and Malabon, living under the Pamana Pag-asa livelihood enterprise. Help sustain their livelihood while...


Philippine Map Bayong Philippine Map Bayong

Philippine Map Bayong

Do your part in creating a sustainable environment with this color-filled Philippine Map Bayong that’s packed with a story to tell. Each purchase of this A THOUSAND STORIES handicraft not only helps nature by reducing your use of plastic bags, but also helps people who made it by hand keep...


Therapeutic Therapeutic

Massage Oil 250mL

Stimulate your senses and experience relaxation at its finest with this combination of essential oils designed to help you reduce stress and relieve your aching muscles. This special blend of all-natural ingredients channels your favorite spa treatment with its rejuvenating and refreshing properties. Imbued with VCO, sunflower, wintergreen, menthol, eucalyptus,...

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Sold Out Liquid Laundry Detergent 1L In Lavender Mint Liquid Laundry Detergent 1L In Lavender Mint

Liquid Laundry Detergent 1L In Lavender Mint

Remove irritating stains from clothes in an instant with this concentrated laundry detergent. Formulated to deal with even the toughest stains, it's a powerful solution, despite being gentle on the skin. More than your average cleaning solution, our all-natural mix won't leave any soap residue that may cause skin irritation....


Kuskos Balungos Notebook Set Kuskos Balungos Notebook Set

Kuskos Balungos Notebook Set

Keep your notes and appointments on point with this hip Kiskos Balungos notebook set. The set includes three differently-sized notebooks. It comes in 4 different designs of your choice!

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Katcha A ( 12" W x 17" H) Katcha A ( 12" W x 17" H)


If you are tired with the old, boring way of packaging your gifts then start it with a story through these katcha bags. Intricately sewn by persons with disabilities under the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), these katcha gift bags come in all sizes, guaranteeing a sure-fire way...

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Sold Out Fruit & Veggie Wash 250ml Fruit & Veggie Wash 250ml

Fruit & Veggie Wash 250ml

Keep your fruits and vegetables at their best quality with ECHOstore's Fruit and Veggie Wash! It's all-natural and non-toxic both for consumption and for keeping your produce crisp and fresh. The formulation is safe and leaves no residue, washing away any harmful chemicals and making your fruits and veggies ready...


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