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Adlai 1kg - Bukidnon Adlai 1kg - Bukidnon

Adlai 1kg - Bukidnon

Adlai, also known as Job’s Tears, is an ancient grain indigenous to Southeast Asia. These precious grains, which belong to the same family as rice, wheat, and corn, have long been used as a source of food and folk medicine. Today, Adlai is being reintroduced as an alternative to rice;...


Vegetable Broth Powder 50g Vegetable Broth Powder 50g

Vegetable Broth Powder 50g

Get your dose of veggie goodness with this vegetable broth powder that’s sure to give a healthier boost to your daily dishes! Made with natural home-dried vegetables, this instant broth only contains natural sea salt and is totally free of preservatives and MSG. Use this powder in any recipe that...


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Crab Paste 300g

Elevate any pasta dish and bring your cooking up a notch with this delicious and flavorful crab paste. A One Town One Product made from sumptuous crab meat and cooked with vegetable oil, garlic, lemon juice, and lemongrass, it's sure to make meal times more fun, savory and extravagant. May contains...


Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

Virgin Coconut Oil 250ml

Keep a healthy lifestyle and try out this all-natural goodness from the finest organic coconuts in the Philippines! Naturally gifted with vitamins and minerals, this bottle of 100% virgin coconut oil aims to boost your energy, improve your immunity, and aid weight loss. Treat your body to a burst of...


Tinapa in Oil 220g - Regular Tinapa in Oil 220g - Regular

Tinapa in Oil 220g - Regular

Relish the delicious taste that is made by Family Farm School. For every product you buy, you help educate a rural youth. Straight from Balete, Batangas enjoy meal times with this delectable tinapa preserved naturally in oil with vinegar and garlic to enhance the taste and enrich the flavors. INGREDIENTS...


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Peanut Butter 340g

Indulge in the delectable taste of this creamy peanut butter made with fresh legumes from the province of Daraga, Albay! Unsalted and unsweetened, this peanut butter is perfect for cooking, baking, and snacking. This all-natural product is sure to boost your energy and immune system, helping combat infections, diseases, and...


Benguet Peaberry Benguet Peaberry

Women In Coffee 120g

Start your day with a burst of caffeine from the cool mountains of Benguet with this blend of coffee beans that will surely give you the energy you need! This all-natural product was made possible through partnering with the International Women’s Coffee Alliance, which helps female coffee farmers train and...

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Banana Chips 100g

Enjoy a classic snack made from delicious bananas homegrown under the tropical Philippine sun. This all natural snack is free from all preservatves and made with organic sugar and honey, baked to a crisp with coconut oil to bring out the rich flavor of the bananas. NUTRIENTS Potassium, Vitamin B6...


Chit's Coffee Chit's Coffee

Chit's Coffee

Nothing beats true to the heart coffee that's been blended to the finest and purest grounds. The best blend of coffee to have handpicked from trusted farmers and delicately sorted before roasting, enjoy the pride and joy of homegrown Philippine coffee with a cause to support farmers in saving heirloom...

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120g Liberica 120g Liberica

Ark of Taste Coffee

Get that satisfying taste of coffee that will soothe all moods and delight your taste buds. This Benguet Arabica blend is the first variety from Cordillera to be recognized by Ark of Taste. Ark of Taste is a listing of the world's food that is facing extinction. Farmers aren't planting...

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Roasted Cashew 200g Roasted Cashew 200g

Roasted Cashew 200g

Indulge yourself in the luscious, creamy taste of these organically-grown cashew nuts that fits your snack time perfectly on any day! Locally-grown in the paradise of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, these cashew nuts are guaranteed to fill your body with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, cashew nuts have been proven...


Sold Out Moringa Powder 100g Moringa Powder 100g

Moringa Powder 100g

Start your day all geared up with a nutrient-rich Moringa drink! Made with 100% all-natural dried Moringa leaves, this instant powder is loaded with vitamins and minerals aimed at normalizing blood sugar and boosting immunity. It also helps prevent cancer and improves skin, heart, and muscle health. INGREDIENTS Made with...


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