Tattva is devoted to creating pure, simple, and wholesome wellness blends to transform the mind, body 

and soul into its best health

Our blends are made with clean ingredients, sourced from healing plants and herbs, free from preservatives, additives

fillers and artificial sweeteners


Noelle Hilario Noelle is a creative entrepreneur and artist and co-founded wellness brands such as Flow Retreats and Makai Bowls. With a foundation in visual arts, she spends some days creating artworks using ink and acrylic on paper, wood, or canvas. Her paintings are inspired by the natural environment and the female body. She leads a conscious lifestyle through a plant-forward diet, yoga, meditation, and energy healing practices, art, and surfing

Katrina Mariano Katrina is a wellness creative, focusing on sustainable self-care. A recipe developer for Frandbrand Solution

chief happiness officer for The Wellnest Group and Flow Retreats. She is an award-nominated children's book author, practicing integrative healing arts. She aligns her multi-passionate resources in contributing to humanity through yoga, pilates, bodywork, and energy work practice. Katrina enjoys spending quality moments with her family, friends

community, and loved ones.

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