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Sprout Pencil Sprout Pencil

Sprout Pencil

Enjoy writing with this pencil with a seed. Give back to nature by using this pencil that can be used to grow a tree!


Stapless Stapler Stapless Stapler

Stapless Stapler

Say goodbye to painful cuts from staplers with this stapless stapler! It works by stiching up the other pages and folding the paper into itself, no need to buy metal staples anymore with this easy staple-free stapler.


Kinder Garden Kinder Garden

Kinder Garden

A great bonding activity for you and your child to be one with nature and appreciate the simple homegrown beauty in the environment. This set includes its own little garden. It has two pots. One for you and one for your toddler. It has four bags of gold-flaked-magic soil.


Kinder Notebook Kinder Notebook

Kinder Notebook

Jot down notes and precious thoughts in this rainbow colored notebook. This notebook contains 160 sheets with Green and Blue Ruled lines that are based on the standard writing guidelines for kindergarten students. It also has a custom die-cut cover for that special personal touch.


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